Fran Rosado

"Talking to the colors"

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Born in Huelva, Fran began to draw from an early age. Observer, according to his father, "could take hours turning a shoe, without need of any toy.". Hence his passion for contemplation. At the age of six, he drew the cartoon characters he saw on television. He completed the studies of Bachillerato of Art, and entered the Superior School of Art of Seville with the best qualification. Later, he moved to Valencia, where he graduated as Graphic Designer by the School of Art and Superior of Disseny de València.

The studios enlarged his concept of the image and opened the doors to other forms of art such as photography, cinema, design ...

He has worked in advertising agencies and design studios as Art Director and Creative Director, although,"he always looked for projects where the campaign or product should be directed towards illustration or painting.". After more than eight years working for various companies and clients, (National and International),,he decided to take the leap to painting and dedicate himself to it in a professional way.

"When I paint a canvas in acrylic, the momentum, the dynamics, and the emotion must be fast, because the paint dries quickly."